Performance and Capability – Kevin Eastman

In sport and business improving your performance and capability are most important.

Coach Kevin Eastman continues to expand on his experience working with some of the world’s best basketball players.

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This is Part 2 of Coach Rowe’s basketball conversation with Coach Kevin Eastman.

If you have not watched part 1, you can view it HERE.

As well as discussing the core values of successful teams in basketball and business.

Eastman talks about other key powerful words from his book.

“Why the Best Are the Best: 25 Powerful Words That Impact, Inspire, and Define Champions.”

Performance and Capability

Performance and capability are two topics that constantly come up in the conversation.

Kevin is a master of words and has been passionate about the words the world’s most successful people use.

But not only use as part of their vocabulary, but rather words they live by.

Eastman talks about taking care of your ‘bilities’.

He gives an awesome story about Kobey Bryant.

Particularly, how ‘the best of the best’ don’t care where they get their information.

Topics covered in this conversation include the commonality of core values.

He also touches on humility as a leader and the concept of leaking human performance.

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