Skill Development Programs

Living in North Brisbane or the Moreton Bay Region and
looking for basketball training near you? Look no further.
OzSwoosh Basketball Club/Academy offers 3 main training programs.
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Ozswoosh Rookie's Program (9 - 13 years)

OzSwoosh Rookies Basketball Skill Development Program

The Rookies Basketball Skill Improvement Program is one of the longest running basketball programs in Brisbane Australia. The curriculum was first developed by Coach Craig Rowe in 1998 and the program re-established and updated in 2017.

It focuses on body movement fundamentals which are the foundation for all skills of the game. This program works dexterity, running, stopping, pivoting, passing, rebounding, defense and shot techniques. Play based learning (or random practice) is implemented to ensure participants are both challenged, encouraged to compete and have fun. The program sets standards and expectations while providing opportunities for leadership and confidence building.

The cost is $120.00 for an 8-week term.




OzSwoosh Academy Basketball Skills Program

Ozswoosh Academy Program (14 - 25 years)

This basketball skill development program is among the best basketball club experiences in Brisbane. Athletes are challenged to compete and support one another to become better. Recognizing rising tides float all boats, we push our better athletes to help our younger athletes improve by buddying up and also sharing knowledge.

With head coach Craig Rowe's 30 years' experience coaching various levels including State teams as well as junior and senior rep teams. He has developed a program which makes players responsible for each other. The program follows a skills matrix, designed to expose athletes to game-like experiences. Many athletes who have come through the program have gone on to play in senior representative teams. Our Academy athletes also often participate in tournaments, friendlies and domestic competitions to help them apply what they learn.

The cost is $120.00 for an 8-week term.



OzSwoosh Shooting and Scrimmage Program

Shooting & Scrimmage Program


This program offers athletes the chance to practice contested shots as well as explore and work on skills outside their usual training or playing environment. Catering for ages 14 - 25 years, the program offers older athletes the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with one another.

The cost is $120 for an 8-week term.

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