Improve Focus On Court In Basketball

Here Coach Craig Rowe shares 4 Tips coaches and teachers may share to help their athletes improve focus on the basketball court.

Not only does he share the tips, he also answers a viewers question from a previous episode.

Here is the video…

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As a player Coach Rowe used several simple psychological techniques to help him maintain focus on court, so in this episode he shares some of those simple tricks to improve focus.

He describes how he used a rubber band as a trigger, and some other psychological triggers as well as breathing methods to keep his head in the game.

Some of these basketball tips he hopes will help beginner coaches and teachers help their athletes be better focused on the next play.


  • 0:00 Coach Craig Rowe’s Introduction
  • 0:58 Improve Focus On Court
  • 1:20 Next Play Mindset (Trigger to use during game)
  • 3:33 In Game Training (Trigger to use during game)
  • 5:20 Developing Peripheral Vision
  • 8:47 Nose Breathing
  • 10:18 Viewers Question – Training Fees during Covid

In response to a viewers question around charging for training during covid, here is the link to OzSwoosh Covid Safe Plan as


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