Coach Craig Rowe is passionate about basketball and is both friend and coach to many
he has worked with. Craig used to take time out of his day to do individual work outs
with me while I was a QBL and SBL Player. He has helped me improve my game and has
a lot of knowledge to share with other athletes. I would recommend his program to anyone.

Luke Stewart 2016 SBL and Dunk League MVP (QBL level Point Guard)

I was coached by Craig as a 15 year old in two under 18 teams which went undefeated.
He would always preach the importance of the fundamentals and promoted unselfish
basketball which would make for a fun team environment.

Nate Wilkins Senior Rep Player (QBL & GBL) / Former DPL MVP

Coach Craig Rowe has known and worked with my son for the last 7 years.
I would highly recommend Coach Rowe’s program to all parents interested
in helping their young kids to explore max potential to become as strong,
resourceful, disciplined and resilient as possible to cope better with future life
challenges through practice of game of basketball.

Stella Sarin Parent

Craig’s professionalism and knowledge of the game is extensive and he is well respected by
all the players.
Craig has conducted various clinics and coaching courses for over 30 coaches
of various levels and abilities for the College of which I am Basketball Co-Ordinator. This
has helped improve the quality and progression of the sport at the school. 
My two sons are
also involved with the Ozswoosh program which Craig runs and this has made a significant
impact of their skill levels and the way they play the game. 
I highly recommend players of all
ages to avail themselves of Craig’s experience as this will only improve the way they play the game.

Steve Copping Secondary Basketball Co-Ordinator / Parent

Craig coached my son through juniors and then into an SBL program. I have
watched his connection with youth basketball and the impact he has had
getting then best out of his player. Craig’s ability to connect with his players
individually has been one of the reasons for his success on and off the court.

Kelvin Nicholson Parent, Jnr & Snr Rep Coach

My son Jordan spent a term working with Craig Rowe at Ozswoosh. Jordan
absolutely loved the sessions. He found it better training and learning with
smaller groups as there was more interaction and encouragement. Jordan
found it helped him refine his skills through a variety of drills and games.
I would recommend Ozswoosh to any player of any skill.

Mark Dean Parent and Junior Rep/Club Coach

Craig Rowe has an enormous passion and good understanding of the game.
He is an excellent skills development coach. He is thorough and particular
about getting the correct technique performed. He has a great level of
patience for players to achieve their goals.

Wayne Larkins Former NBL Player (15 years) / Former NBL Assistant

I wanted to formally thank you for the time, effort and knowledge you have
shared with our young coaches in the u10’s program… We have seen these
young coaches learn new skills and grow their leadership as well as their
confidence levels. This is a credit to you and your love of basketball.

Caboolture Basketball Inc President CBI - Jason Osborne (2017)

Craig’s love of Basketball is evident in his willingness to coach and encourage
players of all ages and levels. Ozswoosh teaches the fundamentals, great work
ethics and enjoyment of the game. It is a great program and we would
recommend Ozswoosh to anyone wanting to improve their game.

Sherril Baigrie Parent

Craig delivered the Level 1 coaching course with a tonne of valuable information,
valuable to a coach at any level. I got to see how you evolve your coaching according
to the abilities and ages of the players you are coaching. Craig has a unique history
in the sport with unrivaled enthusiasm for the sport at every level.

Scott Gibson Parent and Junior Club Coach

Ozswoosh is great and Coach Craig caters his sessions and programme
to all level of skills. It is an inclusive environment and I would recommend
it to all Basketball players young and old hoping to improve their game.

Tala Taufale SBL Player/Former NZ-NBL Player

I have known Coach Craig for over 15 years now having worked with
him at the top dog camps of the late 90’s. Craig’s passion and longevity
combined with professionalism has inspired me over the years. I would
recommend Ozswoosh to any young baller wanting to better themselves

Shane Davis Head Coach Oz Intensity (Former NBL Player)

Ozswoosh increases athletes skills in all aspects of the game.
It teaches you everything from the fundamentals to more
advanced plays. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Aaron Baigrie Junior Rep Player

To me family is everything, so trusting my kids to Craig, and recommending
him for yours is my ultimate compliment. Add to that Craig’s wealth of
knowledge and experience, at junior and senior level, and his desire to
develop all his players and you just can’t do better.

Mark Scofield Parent and Junior Rep/Club Coach

Hi Coach. I attended your level 1 coaching course. After attending your
course I went back and put your drills and techniques into action at my
own training sessions and my players have improved by 30-40%.
So thank you for your time I will highly recommend your services.

Mark Glenday Junior Rep/Club Coach

Great skills development from a top notch man. Well worth your time.
The Ozswoosh program is great for any athlete who wants to get better
and achieve their goals in the sport of basketball.

Will Lingard College Athlete

A good coach to learn from, a great program, learned a lot of new
stuff from a coaching perspective. Thanks for letting me help out.

Jay Pickering Junior Rep/Club Coach

Ozswoosh these sessions are good for the kids cause we don’t
get that time to focus on skills so my boys really enjoy it.
Plus brings back memories when you coached me at school.

Rachel Mirabella Parent and Junior State/Rep/Club Coach

Great way to learn new skills and more about the game of basketball
along with other like minded athletes who love the game.

Matt Barber SBL Player

Very grateful for this opportunity
Craig Rowe & Ozswoosh.

Sim Ah-hing Parent

An amazing basketball program with an excellent coach who
sees the potential in all athletes and offers them endless
opportunities to get better! If you are looking to get
better at basketball Ozswoosh is for you.

Cameron Lane SBL Player

Ozswoosh gives athletes the opportunity to practice the fundamentals
of basketball, gain experience and improve their game as a whole.

Jesse Duncan SBL Player

Congratulations to all the boys who took the opportunity to develop
their game. Big thank you to Craig Rowe for the opportunity you have
given both my boys to better their game. Thanks again mate!

Mark Barber Parent

Excellent program with an elite level coach who has a great
understanding of the game and basketball skill improvement. Would
highly recommend for anyone trying to achieve basketball related goals!

Mitchell Elliott College Athlete

Thank you, Craig, for being so supported of our young men.

Diane Lingard Parent

Ozswoosh is a great basketball academy/program. There are great coaching
staff including Craig one of the highest basketball coaches to take me
through training sessions. It is a great program to improve your skills
on court. It is a program that I highly recommend for others to get in to.

Robert Reeves SBL Player

Ozswoosh is a very well organised basketball coaching program,
facilitated by a top coach, and designed to provide those wanting
to play their best with the skills to achieve their goals. Like
all good things though there are limited spots, so be quick.

Chris Boulis Veteran Basketball Player