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Posting Up in Basketball - Strong Arm Long Arm - Coaching Basketball Fundamentals

Posting Up In Basketball – ‘Long Arm Strong Arm’

OzSwoosh Academy athletes help Coach Craig Rowe demonstrate and explain the basic decision making used when posting up in basketball using the “strong arm long arm” method. Here we consider how to read the footwork of a defender and how to attack in the post to help with decision making and shot or drive selection. […]

Fun Youth Basketball Drills For Kids - Traffic Jam (Warmup Game)

FUN Basketball Drill – Traffic Jam (Footwork Drill)

This FUN Basketball Drill for Kids is called “Simon Says” a good warmup and listening game for beginner basketball players. Also known as “Coach Says” it can help you teach the lines and areas of a basketball court to help improve efficiency when setting up drills. Traffic Jam Basketball Footwork Warmup Drill Basketball Skill Acquisition […]

Fun Youth Basketball Games For Kids - Mirror Dribbling (Ball Handling Game)

Mirror Dribbling Basketball Warmup Drill For Kids

This FUN Basketball Drill for Kids is a Mirror Dribble Challenge and is a good basketball warmup drill. It is also a great listening and reaction game for beginner basketball players. Mirror Dribbling Basketball Warmup Drill Basketball Skill Acquisition Dexterity Spatial Awareness Reaction Time Visual Learning Ball Handling Dribbling Basketball Drill Purpose This simple game […]

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