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Ozswoosh pursues an “Every BODY Wins” Strategy!

Ozswoosh pursues an “Every BODY Wins” Strategy! We have adopted this approach to help grow the sport and not threaten the ‘status quo’ as a privately run independent basketball organisation. Most people are unaware of our organisational approach. When establishing Ozswoosh Academy in 2017, we decided upon an individual focused model. So in the interest […]

How to Motivate Athletes and Better Manage Their Personalities

How to Motivate Athletes and Better Manage Their Personalities As coaches we tend to follow a common developmental evolution. Most tend to start out wanting some skill focused drills. Then you realise you have only been drilling and not teaching. There is a difference. You see you were not casting a critical eye and providing athletes […]

15 Standards Ozswoosh Athletes Aspire To

Ozswoosh Mission Statement “Our success is driven by the success of others, so only by helping others achieve their goals, can we truly say, we have achieved ours.” Ozswoosh likes to help “the right type of people”.  We understand our programs and approach is not for everyone, nor is it for just anyone. There are […]

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We are Ozswoosh. For close to 3 decades we have helped educate thousands of players, coaches, schools and teachers. Our first website launched in 1997 at Geocities, and in 2004 was given its own domain at Like the sport, our content has evolved over time. Here you will find information on various aspects of the game. While you are here, you might want to check out our coaching content library with FREE downloads. We also have a presence on social media, we invite you to join us on our social networks below. Lastly we look forward to giving regular blogs and posts to keep you coming back. If you have a question you would like answered, or want to share something with us, please feel free to connect via our contact page. Thanks for visiting, we hope you visit often.