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Bob The Builder Fun Youth Basketball Game for Kids

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Who are we?

OzSwoosh is a leading basketball coaching service provider in Brisbane Australia. Considered among the best basketball training programs in Moreton Bay, Australia. We serve schools, coaches, teachers and athletes. Our private basketball skills training is headed by NCAS Level 2 coaching educator, Craig Rowe. Coach Rowe is well respected and has coached for over 30 years ages 4 to senior, including state, junior and senior representative teams. Rowe himself is a former senior representative player.

OzSwoosh also works with Community Groups, Not-for-profits, Councils, the Queensland Police Service and PCYC’s developing and delivering community-based youth crime prevention and anti-drug programs fostering a healthy and active lifestyle. OzSwoosh was founded in 1997 and has continued a long culture of leadership and development locally, nationally and internationally through our website, podcast and YouTube. channel.