The Coach Approach

Developmental Stages in Athletes

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Developmental Stages in Athletes (The Coach Approach)

Here we explore the various developmental stages of athletes and the approaches a coach may apply when teaching various age groupings in basketball. While approaches shared are based on age groups, we remind coaches that when it comes to the developmental stages in athletes, age should only be a guide. As well as explaining the […]

Youth Basketball

Basketball Skills Game – Rob the Nest

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Fun Youth Basketball Drills For Kids - Rob The Nest (Dribbling Game)

This basketball drill for kids is called “Rob the Nest”. A simple youth basketball skills game to work on ball handling, pivoting, stopping and passing. Rob The Nest Basketball Skills Game Basketball Skill Acquisition Dribbling Eyes of the ball Pivoting Passing Running Change of Direction Stopping Basketball Drill Purpose This fun dribbling game can be […]

The Coach Approach

How To Build Rapport in Basketball

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How To Build Rapport in Basketball (The Coach Approach)

This episode of The Coach Approach we look at how to build rapport with the athletes in basketball and also people you work with. Building rapport is not always easy given most people are different, however OzSwoosh implements some simple approaches to work through the process of improving the harmony of our players. So here, […]

Inside OzSwoosh

Captaincy Responsibilities in Basketball

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Captaincy Responsibilities In Basketball - OzSwoosh Academy Captain Hayden

Hayden is OzSwoosh Academy’s most senior athlete who looks to play whatever role is needed, here he discusses his captaincy responsibilities. As Academy Captain, Hayden is responsible for mentoring both Academy and Rookies within the basketball skills program. He possesses many character traits of the athletes we most like to work with. So, his character […]

Basketball Basics

Basic Crossover Moves Basketball SUPER Drill

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Basic Crossover Moves Basketball Drill - Coaching Basketball Fundamentals

In this video OzSwoosh Academy Athlete Ethan demonstrates a “Super drill” to help athletes work on all the basic crossover moves. Using the corners of the half court athletes complete different types of crossovers in each corner. Basketball Crossovers include through the legs, behind the back and spin or reverse pivot moves as well as […]