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How To Do Basic Layup Footwork – Basketball Fundamentals

How To Do A Layup In Basketball

In this video we are demonstrating some very basic layup footwork on the right and left hand sides of the court.

Here is the video…

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Basketball Skill Aquisition

This Coaching Basketball Fundamentals video explains:

  • Basic Footwork
  • Basketball Shot Technique
  • Layup Footwork
  • Eyes Up
  • Dork Drill
  • Balance Hand
  • Basic Shot Protection
  • Jumping

Basketball Drill Purpose

To help lay the foundational basketball footwork for a basic layup technique at the grassroots level.

Basketball Equipment Needed

  • Indoor or Outdoor Basketball
  • Backboard and Ring.
  • Basketball court with a lined keyway.

How to do a Layup

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Thanks for joining us again on the OzSwoosh YouTube channel.

Today I’m joined by one of our OzSwoosh Academy athletes Taylin and he’s going to be demonstrating some very basic footwork for coaches and beginner athletes.

So what we’re looking at here is the footwork for a layup on the right hand side of the floor.

Very basic, we’re just going to take two steps and we’re going to discuss balance and we’re going to look at where we’re aiming on the backboard.

And we’re also going to talk about how to hold the ball, to help protect the shot.

So, first footwork for a right hand lay up on the right hand side.

We are just starting at the block here. You can do this with very young athletes.

We’re just going to go right foot, left foot and then up, so it’s the same hand and the same leg lift.

So it’s like a puppet, your elbow and your knee are attached.

So I’ll have Taylin demonstrate right left up on the right-hand side.

Right Hand Layup Footwork

Important thing with the layup is that Taylin needs to keep his eye on the target as he is shooting the ball.

So his target here is going to be the top quadrant of the little black square that sits above the ring.

And he is aiming for the top part.

So above halfway and just short of halfway.

So if we drew a cross sign through that little black square we would actually have what we call a quadrant and we’re aiming for that top quadrant.

He also wants to shoot the ball like he would normally want to shoot a ball.

So he has the elbow under the ball, hand under the ball and a balance hand.

When he brings his balance hand off, the idea of that is to help protect the ball.

So, if someone is coming for a block. So just take the steps. Like this. I’m hitting that balance hand (that’s) up. So hitting the balance hand.

So he doesn’t want to bring it down and show the ball.

He also doesn’t want to finger roll the ball. So he doesn’t want to show the ball and scoop it on the side.

So, in the game there is a space for the scoop shot but it is a more open shot that’s prone to be blocked.

We can use that at the front of the ring so we call that a scoop shot or a finger roll.

So what we will do is just go through a couple more.

So just normal (and) basic.

Look at the ring. (He) puts it off the glass. Ok.

So that’s the footwork on the right hand side.

Left Hand Layup Footwork

We are now going to look at the footwork on the left hand side.

So we’re now looking at the left hand foot work for a left hand layup.

It’s the opposite of the foot work for a right hand layup.

So we’re actually going to go left, right up on this one.

So just stepping through.

Good and you’ll notice that Taylin’s left hand is shooting the ball here and he is keeping the balance on it.

So if you had a young group of players.

Then you can have them line up in a line one behind the other to work on this basic footwork.

Bonus “Dork Drill” Layup Footwork

Another drill that’s good to work on your footwork is what we call the “dork drill”.

It’s a high knee, high hand drill, which is similar to skipping, but with your same hand and your same knee.

I’ll get Taylin to demonstrate what I call the dork drill.

Just across the court. Good. So what we’re doing here is a right hand layup, left hand layup.

That’s a good little piece of footwork drill that you can work on with your kids just to warm them up is to have them do the dork drill.

It’s basically skipping with both your knees and your hands.

And one of the things that I find is if you actually have a kid that’s not very good at skipping,.

That doing the dork drill actually helps them learn to skip a lot quicker.


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