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Dribbling Battle Royale – Fun Youth Basketball Game

Fun Youth Basketball Drills For Kids - Battle Royale (Dribbling Game)

This fun youth basketball game is called Dribbling Battle Royale. A fast paced and competitive basketball dribbling game for kids.

Here is the video…

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Basketball Skill Acquisition

This Youth Basketball Drill helps develop the following basketball skills:

  • Basketball Dribbling
  • Basketball Crossovers
  • Using Screens
  • Retreat Dribbles
  • Peripheral Vision
  • Change of Direction
  • Change of Pace
  • Footwork
  • Ball Control
  • Decision Making
  • Reaction Time
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Mental Gaps
  • Fitness
  • Agility
  • Dexterity

Basketball Drill Purpose

Dribbling Battle Royale was created by OzSwoosh to develop basketball dribbling skills. Specifically ball control, muscle memory and dexterity. A fun basketball game to help build confidence and is a challenging basketball drill and fun dribbling game. A perfect basketball drill for middle school aged children.

Basketball Equipment Needed

This small sided game requires a minimum 8 to 10 cones or markers to mark out quadrants (i.e divide court into 4). You may also use lines or place masking tape or rubber dots on the court to help define the playing area.

Participants: 4 on 4 if playing teams against each other. Or 4 dribbling defenders (the gauntlet) and as many others as you wish if a timed game.

Needs a full court length. You may use a half court sideline to sideline with small numbers.

(Watch video)

How To Play


Coach Scott:

Hi everybody welcome back to OzSwoosh.

And we’re doing another fun kids basketball game today.

This one’s called Battle Royale.

It’s a 4 on 4 game.

It’s defence vs offense, but everybody has a ball to dribble.

There’s four zones on the court.

From the baseline to the free throw.

And then to the halfway and then to the next free throw and then the baseline.

The idea is for one player at a time to come in through the baseline and get through the gauntlet of the four zones.

Each zone has a defender with a ball at dribbling.

If the person coming in and get tagged, they’re dead and they have to stay still.

Then the next person is allowed to come in and use that dead, person as a screen.

The idea is to get at least one person to get to the baseline.

“Battle Royale!”

Ethan do you want to be first quad?

Now guys you’ve got to use the screen, (screen?) That’s how you win the game. Screen, when you get a dead player, they stand there, you use them as a screen and play chicken with the other guy (oooh).

OK, (player: do we have to wait for them to be tagged?) Yeah, they have to be tagged and dead before you can go yeah… or (they) made it yeah.

Ready, go.

Reset. Have another go guys. You guys got to the 3rd quad. You guys need to stay within the court though. OK.

So, if you’re attacking and you come outside. You’re dead. OK.

Must stay within the bounds of the court.

You guys can’t go outside your quad.

So you need to be in quad. You need to be in a quad. See the cones. You need to be on that side of the cone. You can go to the baseline to here. To the side. That’s your area.

So I’d stay in the middle. Stay in the middle. Eva which quad are you in? You have to be in your quad. You can’t go outside of it. You’ve gotta be behind those cones.


Good job. Do you guys want another go. (Yeah!) NOTE: A variation with more advanced basketball kids. In this basketball dribbling game you may have those who were tagged/dead, freed as a player gets through each quadrant. As they are passed by


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Disclaimer: Basketball, like many sports, may result in serious injury or even death. Drills and ideas contained in OzSwoosh videos are demonstrations only. Coaches and players re-enacting the drills, or following advice, do so at their own risk. Children should always play under the supervision of a responsible adult.

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