YouTube Channel Revamp 2021

OzSwoosh head coach Craig Rowe announced the OzSwoosh Channel would be revamped in 2021.

“The channel has been neglected this past 3 years, as I have been building private and school programs,” he said.

“It is time for a redo.”

The first batch of filming was  expected to start as early as next school holidays.

Two full days of filming has been scheduled for the September holidays.

With the content expected to be available from 2021.

Select OzSwoosh Academy and OzSwoosh Rookie athletes will be the talent for the new content.

Rowe said a lot of time, energy, effort and money went in to video production.

The coach also indicated the channel continued to get subscribers.

Also, views despite no new video content being uploaded.

The YouTube channel already had close to 250,000 views and while small, it did have a loyal following.

OzSwoosh website also receives hundreds of thousands of visits each year.

Rowe indicated Ozswoosh needed to tap in to and deliver improved content for those audiences.

Coach Rowe expected new OzSwoosh website content would also be added in 2021.

“The goal to offer free content to those outside our program to help promote and develop athletes and coaches in the sport has always been an OzSwoosh priority,” he said.

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