How To Do A Euro Step in Basketball

In this video we are demonstrating some very basic footwork for the euro step layup in basketball.

Here is the Video…

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Taylin demonstrates the simple footwork needed from 3 spots on the floor.

Coach Craig Rowe also talks about the importance of being able to take off of either foot when doing a euro step basketball move.

And also the importance of broad lateral steps to avoid or fake someone defending just outside the restricted zone.

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How To Do A Euro Step…

Basketball Skill Acquisition

  • Basic Basketball Footwork
  • Basketball Shot Technique
  • Layup Footwork,
  • Eyes Up
  • Dexterity
  • Agility

Basketball Drill Purpose

This demonstration helps lay the foundational basketball footwork and dexterity required for a euro step layup shot technique at the grassroots level. It will also help add a basketball layup finishing move to allow offensive players avoid a defender just outside the restricted zone.

Basketball Equipment Needed

  • Backboard and Ring.
  • Basketball court preferably with lined keyway
  • Also the restricted zone arc clearly marked
  • Additionally you may use rubber dots to help athletes train their footwork

How To Do This Basketball Skill?

(Watch video)

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