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Battleship (Jump Ship) – Youth Basketball Shooting Game

Fun Youth Basketball Drills For Kids - Battleship Jump Ship (Shooting Game)

This fun youth basketball drill is called Battleship Jump Ship. A fun competitive battleship basketball shooting game for kids.


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Basketball Skill Acquisition

This Youth Basketball Drill helps develop the following basketball skills:

  • Set Shot Technique
  • B.E.E.F. Shooting Technique
  • Shooting Range
  • Focus
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Team Strategy

Basketball Drill Purpose

Battleship Jump Ship – was created to develop basketball shooting skills. Specifically the BEEF shot technique. It also challenges participants to improve their shooting range from different spots. A competitive and fun basketball drill for middle school aged children.

Basketball Equipment Needed

You will need 6 to 10 cones depending on number of players. And two equal teams of players are also needed for this battleship shooting game. You can use commonsense if there is an odd number to put 2 weaker players on a closer spot. 2 coaches or supervisors (parents).

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How To Play


G’day everyone, Coach Craig Rowe here from the OzSwoosh channel.

Here with another fun basketball game for kids.

This drill that we’re going to be doing is called ‘BATTLESHIP‘.

We have a couple variations of this, but this one we’re going to go end for end.

So what we’ve got is teams are lined up at different cones.

We’ve got 5 cones at each end with 5 players.

One on each cone.

What’s going to happen is players are going to attempt to make 3 shots.

Get 3 successful shots of each cone.

If they get 3 successful shots at a cone they actually knock over the corresponding cone at the other end.

Now players, once they’ve got their shots in and or their cone has been knocked out, they jump ship.

So what that means is no player is actually knocked out.

Just the cone is knocked out is knocked out of player.

If a cone is knocked out of play, the cone that’s knocked out gets placed over on it’s side and the winning cone, the team that got 3 shots in.

Hands that winning cone to the coach at their end as a record of who actually won the battleship or knocked that battle ship out.

What happens is we keep going until everyone is knocked out on the very last cone.

So the idea is the players take it in turns of shooting to try to get 3 shots in to knock out the corresponding cone and anyone who may be standing on that cone.

Let’s take a look at the game.

Battleship Shooting Game

Right, so you guys got it? Any questions? Standing up.

Okay, ready go.

Count your score.

It’s per spot so that’s one Riley, good job.

So you get 3 (shots in) you knock your corresponding cone out.

Let’s go Braxton.

Good job, just avoid those balls.

How many is that Braxton?

How many have you got in? Two?

Count them out so that we know.

Count your scores out.

Three (whistles) WINNER. So front cone.

At the front is knocked out.

Move to a different line, that’s you Enzo.

Move to a different spot.

Three. Another one knocked out here. This side.

Paddy, go to another cone.

That one’s knocked out.

So, you’ve got to go another line, go to the line that’s left.

Three! Three at the Free Throw line. Winners!!!

These guys got 3 here. Okay.

NOTE: Variation: With more advanced basketball kids.

Move the cones further out, or on the baseline behind the backboard.

You may also used different shot types from each cone.

Or each time a cone is lost, you tell players they must start shooting a different shot type (e.g bank shot, runner, floater, step back etc dependent on ability).

You may also increase the the number of shots required to sink the opposing battleship.


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Disclaimer: Basketball, like many sports, may result in serious injury or even death. Drills and ideas contained in OzSwoosh videos are demonstrations only. Coaches and players re-enacting the drills, or following advice, do so at their own risk. Children should always play under the supervision of a responsible adult.

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