15 Standards Ozswoosh Athletes Aspire To

Ozswoosh Mission Statement

“Our success is driven by the success of others, so only by helping
others achieve their goals, can we truly say, we have achieved ours.”

Ozswoosh likes to help “the right type of people”.  We understand our programs and approach is not for everyone, nor is it for just anyone. There are three attributes we look for in those we help: work ethic, coachability and a growth mindset. We believe our participants are not just part of Ozswoosh, but part of something bigger (basketball) and we encourage them to represent the sport positively. We have an organisational “Statement of Standards” which everyone involved is asked to sign. This “Statement of Standards” came out of a recognition as an organisation and program we need to hold one another to account. These standards are modelled on the 14 standards the US Men’s Team players set for themselves ahead of the 2016 RIO Olympics. We however have modified, adjusted and adapted them to suit our own aspirations. So here are the 15 standards Ozswoosh athletes aspire to.

15 standards Ozswoosh athletes aspire to


Ozswoosh Statement of Standards

Make No Excuses
We always believe we have what it takes to achieve our goals
We train hard/compete at both ends and know success is a journey and a process
Communicate Respectfully
We respectfully look each other in the eye and tell each other the truth
We believe in each other and respect everyone’s right to learn and improve
Collective Responsibility
We are committed to each other and we develop and achieve together
We have each others backs and we give aid to our teammates and help them grow
We respect all within the sport, we’re always on time and always professional
We are students of the game, have a growth mindset and are forever improving
We show no weakness, we are mentally tough and focus on the next play
We handle any situation professionally and we don’t complain
We are all connected. We make the extra pass on offence and help on defence
We play hard every possession
We focus on executing technique at game intensity and with purpose
We are professional in our approach, we represent the sport with pride and respect
This is fun. We train and play in respect of those athletes who preceded us


Why we do what we do?


Ozswoosh knows it is a sad reality, not everyone has access to quality coaching. It is what motivates Ozswoosh to do what we do. Our term based development programs, while accessible to anyone, do not really target those already getting great coaching. As a qualified coach educator I have observed many coaches simply drilling their athletes without casting a critical eye or providing constructive feedback (i.e teaching). My employment as a Regional Development Officer with Basketball Queensland (98-99) saw me focusing on teaching the fundamentals daily at schools across south east Queensland. That was almost two decades ago. Since then I have seen a massive gap and decline in the broad teaching of fundamentals. The Ozswoosh Rookie’s Program (ages 10-15) is designed to fill that gap. Our approach is one of progression across our four level curriculum (Rookie’s, DOERS, Blue Chipper and All Star) and feeds our Ozswoosh Academy (15-Adult) which in turn feeds our tournament team Blaze (pronounced Blar~zay).


The importance of good coaching!

If your child is experiencing the following negative scenarios in their current training environment, Ozswoosh may be for you.

  • Lack of exposure to fundamentals (Body Movement & Footwork, Shot Technique & Correction, Defensive Technique, Rebounding, Passing and Ball Handling)
  • Doing the same drills all the time with no progression (i.e. no skill buildup)
  • Under participation (i.e. standing around too much, or not being included)
  • Lack of a session plan or clear training structure from coaching staff
  • Lack of constructive feedback from coaching staff
  • A coach who focuses on their “favourites”
  • Absence of points of emphasis when drilling players
  • A coach who appears to be training themselves instead of their athletes
  • Lack of opportunities or programs available to your child
  • Missing out on representative teams due to lack of skills
  • Only making teams in lower divisions
  • Inadequate instruction season in season out while others are improving
  • An imbalance between serious learning, fun and play based learning
  • An aggressive or bullying coach treating your child poorly
  • A child who does not want to play or go to training anymore
  • A coach inadequately equipped to deal with unskilled players, only focusing on the “good” ones
  • Overtly negative coach with a fixed mindset

These are not healthy scenarios for your child’s development in the sport. At Ozswoosh, we don’t coach talent, we coach potential. Please call us on 0405 935 023 or email info@ozswoosh.com to find out how we can help.

Written by Coach Rowe {NCAS Level 2)
Ozswoosh Academy Principal


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