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Timeout with Coach Rowe Live 2021

Timeout with Coach Rowe

Timeout with Coach Rowe will be returning as a livestream to the OzSwoosh YouTube channel in 2021.

Rowe had hosted the previous series of interviews conducted onsite or in studio in 2017.

Those interviews saw him speaking with players, coaches and officials face to face.

The coach said it will be good to return with a live version of the interview format to share knowledge.

“A lot has changed in the space of livestreaming which now makes it possible to produce a live show,” he said.

OzSwoosh invested heavily in new 4K camera equipment with livestreaming capabilities to be used for OzSwoosh content creation.

OzSwoosh has been busy recent weeks filming new informative content for release on the channel through-out 2021.

“It will be good to return to my lane and talk about the passion closest to my heart”. Rowe said.

“My goal will be to speak to a broad number of stakeholders across all levels of the sport to get their opinions. on the issues which affect the grass roots.

“One week it could be a parent, the next a referee, another a professional coach.”

This will be Rowe’s third livestream yotuube series, with “Livestreaming with Friends” and “Be My Guest” both multicast during the 2020 pandemic.

Rowe has a rich history of video content creation to help teachers and coaches improve their knowledge starting in 1997.

Late 90’s the coach produced and distributed videos titled “Body Movement Fundamentals” and “Fun Basketball Games for Primary Aged Children”.

Sold and dsitrbuted to schools across Australia.

You can check out Coach Rowe’s interviews on the Applaudible Podcast Network.

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