Playing To Win In Basketball – Tahj

Tahj loves playing to win in basketball as you will hear when asked about which NBA team he would like to play for and why?

Tahj is entering his second year with OzSwoosh and makes good use of his spare time practising his basketball skills.

Here is the video…

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A student leader at his school, he also demonstrates leadership at OzSwoosh training.

OzSwoosh loves to give their athletes skills in both leadership and basketball.

Tahj was first introduced to the sport by his uncle and fell in love with the game, so much so, he trains at least 1 hour each day.

Thaj shares his thoughts on playing on a team with Steph Curry because as he put it, “it’s a guaranteed win”.

He also shares his goal of one day playing in Australia’s NBL (National Basketball Leauge) and the NBA.

Tahj also shares what OzSwoosh has taught him and his favourite drill at OzSwoosh, which is a fun game for kids called “Dog and Bone”.

OzSwoosh is headed by Level 2 Coach Craig Rowe, a coaching educator who who, along with his team, are creating content to help coaches and teachers around the globe.

Inside OzSwoosh…

OzSwoosh is headed by Level 2 Coach Craig Rowe.

Rowe is a coaching educator who has over 30 years involvement playing and coaching basketball from junior club to senior representative / state level.

So, this interview gives you, our supporters, followers and fans some insight into what makes our basketball kids tick. Their basketball motivations, hopes and dreams.

These are the basketball kids who form part of the OzSwoosh family.

These interviews allow athletes and staff to get to know their fellow basketball players as people. They also give you a raw and random look “Inside OzSwoosh”.

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