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Participant Satisfaction Survey

Thank you to the athletes across our school based and private basketball development programs who took time to fill out our Participant Satisfaction Survey.

Unfortunately not everyone got to give feedback due to absences at the final weeks of training.

We wish to remind our program’s athletes we do understand Ozswoosh is not for everyone, nor is it for just anyone.

Our focus is therefore on quality of participant not quantity of participants, in an effort to maintain high standards and expectations.

We are already working to rectify and improve in areas highlighted as deficient in this year’s survey (see results below) 

Participant Satisfaction Survey

How we’re improving

Areas we will focus on improving to make the program better in 2019:

  • Shortening our explanations and teaching points
  • Equipment and venue standards
  • Reducing athletes distracting others from learning
  • More opportunities for friendlies / tournaments for younger athletes

Areas athletes should focus on improving to make the program better  in 2019:

  • Motivating each other to work hard and finding ways to motivate yourself
  • Ensuring you are not distracting / disrupting those who want to learn
  • Pay more attention to what is being said, to reduce the need for it to be repeated
  • Attendance and turning up early ready to start

We have already started to order extra equipment and are awaiting the arrival of grip cones, medicine balls and size 6 balls and some more tablets for shooting video delay. These should be ready for Term 1, 2019. 

Our Term 1 registrations are now up online at

The answers to the recent assessments our participants undertook will be posted in the Academy Private Group.

This assessment process was invaluable as it helps us determine where we and who we need to focus our teaching towards in 2019.

Thank you for working hard in 2018, we look forward to continued growth and improvement in 2019 and beyond.

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