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Ozswoosh Rookies Are Friendly

Ozswoosh’ school based program athletes and private Rookies program athletes came together recently to compete in a friendly game against each other to cap off a year of basketball development.

The Rookies athletes dominated most of the play, yet the school program athletes demonstrated signs of brilliance with many showing much improved dexterity, speed and ball control as compared to the friendly hosted mid year.

Head Coach Craig Rowe said the group had improved across the board and this friendly was an opportunity for athletes to come together and meet like minded students of the game.

“The kids are always keen for these friendlies (and tournaments),” Rowe said.

“I love watching the athletes improve over time and trying new things to achieve new goals.

“I was pleased when Rookies athletes asked to mix the teams up at the end of the third quarter and to make the game fairer.”

Rowe said this demonstrated the teams were embracing the character, fairness and standards the program espoused.

“Our participants have bought in to the fact that winning is a process and they understand Ozswoosh is more about development and improving as a group, as opposed to winning at this stage of their basketball careers.”

Ozswoosh expanded into several local schools in 2018 and has garnered more  interest from other schools in the region who are looking to come on board in 2019.

Schools who have employed the services of Coach Craig Rowe in 2018 have all reaffirmed their commitment to have Ozswoosh remain involved with their students in 2019.

Rowe expected to be a selector again for the 2019 Sunshine Coasts South Districts regional team.

Rowe said he was happy with the progress Ozswoosh has made over the course of the last 12 months, particularly around making more connections with schools.

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