Ozswoosh Drops Price On Development Programs

Ozswoosh Drops Price On Development Programs

Ozswoosh Academy has announced a considerable price drop for their development training services in Term 4, 2017.

New hire agreements and lower administrative costs meant reduction in fees.

Fees will be $110 – $120 per 8 week term (depending on venue).

Silent backers supported the decision.

Academy Principal Coach Rowe said Ozswoosh drops price on development programs to reduce costs to athletes and their parents.

“We need less sports programming time as our systems and training programs improve ,” Rowe said.

“The website redesign also helps reduce work load with the advertising, registration and payment process.

“Plus we have negotiated new court hire agreements at training venues including at North Lakes, so the expansion helps us spread costs over venues and programs as we duplicate systems.

He said Ozswoosh Skill Development Programs would always be about quality, not quantity.

“Slow and steady wins the race, particularly when that race is a marathon,” he said.

“We want to get things right, we want to help athletes and the sport, long term, so our approach is one of process.”

Rowe said he had learnt much from his other business, RSU Computer Solutions, which has withstood the test of time and had seen many ‘fly-by- nighters’ come and go over its 9 years in operation.

Term 4 development programs registration information will be made available on the Ozswoosh Events page soon.


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