OzSwoosh Athlete Satisfaction Survey 2020

OzSwoosh Athlete Satisfaction Survey 2020

OzSwoosh 2020 Satisfaction survey is being sent out to 2020 athletes and their parents via email, social media and private groups.

Each year OzSwoosh asks athletest participate to provide anonymous feedback on OzSwoosh service delivery.

As with past survey’s, this year’s survey will be used to make imrpovements to the program where needed in 2021.

All 2020 athletes who have partcipated in the 2020 program are encouraged to participate.

We ask parent’s of Rookies sit down with their child to respond to the survey together.

Coach Craig Rowe said this process is always among the most important items on the OzSwoosh calendar.

“The results will help identify areas where service delivery needs improvement, ” he said.

“The survey also offers insights into possible future changes.”

Regardless of whether an athlete was still participating or not they would be encouraged to provide honest feedback if they were involved in 2020.

Results of the Survey were usually published online at the end of the year.

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