How To Plan A Basketball Team Training Workout

This episode of The Coach Approach, Coach Craig Rowe takes you through the process of how to plan a basketball team training workout for youth basketball.

Here is the video…


In this OzSwoosh YouTube Channel video, Coach Craig Rowe shares his approach to planning a basketball training session.

The topics covered include the resources required, the planning stages, the core basketball pillars to cover.

Starting with the warmup right to the end chat.


  • 0:00 Coach Craig Rowe’s Introduction
  • 1:20 Resources
  • 5:00 Training Session Structure
  • 5:54 Warm Up
  • 7:10 Fun Games Focus
  • 7:30 5 Core Pillars
  • 8:50 Social vs Competitve
  • 11:05 Catering for Different Levels
  • 14:19 Finishing the Session

This is a somewhat thorough explanation of the reasoning behind planning the ultimate training session or team basketball workout.

We also break down our training session plan along the way.

Each week Coach Craig Rowe will share with beginner basketball coaches and teachers the approaches he uses and has learned over the course of his 30 year coaching career.

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Disclaimer: Basketball, like many sports, may result in serious injury or even death. Drills and ideas contained in OzSwoosh videos are demonstrations only. Coaches and players re-enacting the drills, or following advice, do so at their own risk. Also, children should always play under the supervision of a responsible adult.

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