How To Be or Build Brand – Brandon Steiner

In Part 3 of our Brandon Steiner interview the memorabilia mogul shares his story of how to build brand and how he came to be in the business of collectibles.

Here is the video…

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Steiner also talks about the importance of brands caring about their customers and fans and gives examples of the New York Yankees agreement to dismantle the old Yankee Stadium piece by piece and sell it off to supporters.

He touches on the importance of breaking down doors when needed and that previous success does not always mean new doors will open.

Brandon says many companies forget their most important asset is their customers.

As always, Steiner presents so many gems and nuggets of wisdom in this conversation.

0:00 Introduction
0:45 Starting Out In Business
2:15 Non Acceptance
4:15 Know When Your Work Matters
5:18 Buying Old Yankee Stadium
7:20 Bring Value To Build Brand
8:51 Marketing In Memories
9:49 What Else?
12:00 “POP – Progress on Your Progress
13:30 Business Is A Marathon
14:50 Focus On The Game Not The Score

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