Ozswoosh – Guided Mental Rehearsal

Ozswoosh – Guided Mental Rehearsal (CD1 – MP3)

Athletes work on many aspects of their performance; however, there is one area many fail to address, and that is their mental game. In this audio, Coach Craig Rowe guides you through several techniques used by psychologists and neurolinguistic programmers to help people improve their performance. Coach Rowe uses these Cognitive Relaxation Therapy techniques to help you work on and develop what he likes to call your, “Mental Muscle”.

The methods covered assist in laying the foundation for mental practice, mindfulness, imagery, muscle relaxation, mental toughness, and improved focus. These techniques will be required to help you undertake further guided mental rehearsal in our future Cognitive Relaxation Therapy audios.

Guided Mental Rehearsal (Duration: 1 hr 23 mins)

Track 1 – Intro (4.00)
Track 2 – Mindful Breathing (3.39)
Track 3 – Autogenic Relaxation (12.06)
Track 4 – Surreal Energy Perception (10.53)
Track 5 – Progressive Muscle Relaxation (17.03)
Track 6 – Mental Rehearsal (11.29)
Track 7 – Positive Reinforcement (21.12)
Track 8 – Quick Muscle Scan (3.34)

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