Coach Rowe Hosts New Livestream Show

Be My Guest Livestream

OzSwoosh' own Coach Craig Rowe is hosting a new Livestream show called "Be My Guest".

The show is streamed Sunday nights 8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Features guests from different disciplines like sport, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, motivational speakers and authors etc, from across the world.

This would be his second live show, after a successful first attempt called "Livestreaming with Friends" during Covid-19 lockdown.

That show saw the coach interview a number of NBL players and coaches including Jason Cadee, Mitch McCarron, Joey Wright, CJ & Cal Bruton and Rob Beveridge.

Where it Started!

Coach Rowe graduated with a degree in Print and Broadcast journalism in 1994.

He was the host of an award winning community radio show - "The C.R.A.P. Show" in 2005.

In May 2019 Coach Rowe pursued podcasting after winding up his IT business, RSU Computer Solutions after 11 years of operation.

After creating a podcast studio, he launched the YouTube channel - "People with a Passion" (aka PwaP) in August 2019.

This podcast just completed its second season, with 40 episodes total and a planned 3rd season scheduled for release Q1, 2021.

The podcast explored peoples passions - what motivates them, gives them purpose and drives them in their pursuit of happiness.

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