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The Ozswoosh YouTube channel is continuing to release more content in 2023, 12 new fun basketball games for kids were expected to hit the channel in the first half of 2023, taking the Channel’s total to 52 in this playlist alone.

Coach Craig Rowe announced in his yearly Ozswoosh channel intro and address to subscribers that the channel would surpass 675,000 views and 400 video uploads before July.

“The community is expected to grow to over 3 and a half thousand subscribers in 2023,” he said, “and the content is not far off monetization”.

Monetization is when ads start to return revenue to a YouTube channel or content creator to help compensate for their efforts.

Coach Rowe said he had invested endless hours in editing, narrating, as well as sustained costs in hiring facilities and upgrading video and audio equipment to record the content which to date had no financial return but that did not faze him.

He said the primary goal of the channel was not to make money, but to rather provide legacy and to help beginner coaches and Phys-ed teachers discover fun and informative drills they can do at the grass roots level of the sport.

He said any money the channel may return if it were to be monetized would be invested in content creation costs and improvements as part of his newly formed business, Applaudable Media.

Rowe said, “Most YouTube channels and trainers are geared around demonstrating drills to athletes themselves, however since the 90s, when I first sold instructional VHS basketball tapes to schools, I have always had a coach education focus.

“I have always known when I educate or help coaches and teachers improve their knowledge and programs, I am helping generations of athletes. It is a compounding approach to impacting more people.

“I believe the evergreen nature of the content focusing on the fundamentals will ensure people are watching and learning from what I create and share for generations to come.”

Coach Craig Rowe is also a content marketing coach and when asked why he does not share content or focus on other platforms he indicated most other platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook were feed based and content shared there had a short shelf life and poor discoverability.

Rowe recently established a production house ( where he plans to employ staff to aid in content creation across various platforms including Amazon where he now promotes products for brands as an influencer and affiliate.

He said he would continue to devote some time and resources to the Ozswoosh channel due to the power search provides for discoverability of content to help build brand awareness and community.

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OzSwoosh was founded by Coach Craig Rowe, a 30-year veteran of the sport, who is passionate about coach education.

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