Basketball Shooting Game – ‘Word Scramble’

This FUN Basketball Drill for Kids is called “Word Scramble” a competitive basketball shooting game for beginners.


Word Scramble Shooting Game

Basketball Skill Acquisition

  • Change of Pace
  • Change of Direction
  • Running
  • Starting
  • Stopping
  • Shot Technique
  • Lay-Up Technique
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Dribbling

Basketball Drill Purpose

This simple basketball shooting game promotes teamwork and helps athletes work on shot technique. You may choose different spots on the floor to shoot from to develop range, or different shot techniques. Players grab a letter after their successful shot and try to spell a word. First team to work out what to spell and captures all the letters of that word wins.

Basketball Equipment Needed

Preferably played with 2 hoops, however 2 teams can be formed at 1 hoop. A minimum of 2 balls per line, preferably every participant with a ball to help work on dribbling to pick up letters. You will need 14 Pieces of paper with 2 basketball related 5 letter words and 4 random letters not used in those words.

How To Play

(Watch video)


Change the shooting range for older athletes (e.g. 3 point line) or the shot type (e.g. runner, floater etc). Have players dribble to collect letters and have to do crossovers at certain spots. Give a penalty to the losing team (e.g 5 ‘Air Angels/Star Jumps/Jumping Jacks for younger kids) or push ups/ sit ups for older kids.

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