Basketball Player Recruitment – Coach Joey Wright (Part 1)

This interivew with former NBL Coach Joey Wright was conducted live during the first Coivd lockdown in Australia and discusses aspects of basketball player recruitment for professionl teams.

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Coach Joey Wright spent 17 years coaching in Australia’s National Basketball League tallying up over 500 games, 3 Coach of the Year Awards and 1 NBL Championship.

He coached for 3 NBL clubs including Brisbane Bullets, Gold Coast Blaze and the Adelaide 36ers.

In this the first part of our interview Jowy talks about coachability, basketball player recruitment and networking in the NBA Summer Leauge.

We also discuss stories about Aussie basketball legends like Vern Robateau, Clarence “Pop” Dickerson and his Supercamps.

We also share some stories about 3 Time NBL MVP Leroy Loggins as well as Derek Rucker and Darryl McDonald.

Joey responds to a viewers question about the 3 most important things a basketball player needs.

0:00 Recruitment
2:42 Networking at NBA Summer League
4:07 Vern Robateau and the Robateau Family
5:40 Clarence Pop Dickerson’s Supercamps
7:30 Leroy Loggins Longevity As A Player
8:55 Derek Rucker and Darryl McDonald
9:50 Important Basketball Player Atrributes
13:35 Championship Teams

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