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Shooting Tips Guaranteed to Help Improve Your Game

Shooting Tips Guaranteed to Help Improve Your Game When it comes to basketball, everyone wants to shoot. If you hand a kid a basketball and point at a hoop it does not take long for them to work out what to do with it. But getting the ball in, while the objective, does not necessarily […]

How To Avoid Social Media Pitfalls

How To Avoid Social Media Pitfalls. It was a spring afternoon and I had just finished helping at a coaching clinic when approached by a fellow coach at session’s end. “I want to speak to you about something privately,” they said. My natural reaction was uncertainty, given their current position within the sport. They continued, […]

10 Traits Great Basketball Point Guards Possess

10 Traits Great Basketball Point Guards Possess Basketball has evolved. Altered lines and timing rules have sped up the game. Today’s athletes have evolved too with mixed traits of roles once more defined. Athletes need to be more adaptable. Some argue gone are the legit centre or pure shooting guard days. Versatility means players require broad skills […]

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